>> AUDIO: Apology to Your Divine Soul

Apology to Your Divine Soul

Sai Kaleshwar’s full teaching transcript from Feb 11, 1999

“Just sit yourself, very, very, very, pin-drop silence, relaxing heartfully in the deepest silence. …Whenever you are commanding on your soul, you must sit yourself alone, without seeing anyone, not seeing anything, all alone surrounding you. That’s what I did in my life, that’s my personal experience. Surrounding you, you can’t see anybody. Nobody must be there. How do you say to be very much alone? Only you are there.

At the time, relaxedly sitting, talking with your soul. No need to meditate—just relax. Just speaking to that energy with your heart, using your mind, saying 100% apology to that. Hundred percent apology.

SOUL TALK: “Really, really, really, I have no idea what I’m doing in my life. Not in this life, no idea what I did in the past life, past life, past life. Just I’m a kid in your hands.’”

Whatever you’re facing, whatever the problem, you must be healed like a kid. You must turn your life like a child asking your mother,

SOUL TALK: “Oh, my divine spirit, oh, my divine soul please I know you are doing everything in my life. Whole my astrology is working with you. There is nothing but your grace, I can’t walk a single step with my body and my activities without you. Everything is your grace 100%, 1000%. That’s perfect. I know that. I’m not ignoring you, oh, my dear, divine soul. I know you are living in me, in this body. Please come out. Please tell the truth what I should do in my life. There is only myself in the nature. I’m begging you. That’s why I’m working on myself everything.”

Praying to that soul. Really asking the help,

SOUL TALK: “Nothing is there but your blessing. Nothing but your energy’s working. Totally my life is running through your hands. I’m totally apologizing to you. Please forgive all my mistakes. Right now, I’m going to wash all my mistakes, right now, right now, right now. Again, I’m a newborn. Again, give your real life to me.’”

You ask totally sincerely, very honestly, totally strongly to your divine soul. Everything is your soul running in you, there is nothing but soul working on you. Your soul is totally the director of your life.

SOUL TALK: “Please give good direction in my life, Ok? Don’t think about any, any, anything in my past life karma, whatever it is. Just you forget about it. In this life I will try to do my 100% best not to do any mistakes. Please give that type of the resistance power to me, make me to control that.”

If you think honestly, you can do that, totally putting everything on that [soul conversation]. If you do that in the [proper] situation, if you create the type of environment surrounding you [peaceful relaxing alone in nature], automatically your head [thoughts and feelings] goes like that. Without your notice, the tears come out. When the soul is really pouring on you it means you’re melted with the soul’s love. Automatically tears come. In the nature is in the Mother.
When you are washing your negativity, talking in the nature to purify your soul, you’re asking help to your soul,

SOUL TALK: “Please make it my life be happy. Don’t torture me. Don’t give troubles to me please.’ Asking the help to heal, ‘Heal my life. Make my life happy. Show the glorious. Show me the part of happiness. Show me the part of the joy. Until I take off, I need happiness please. Whatever it is. Right now I am totally honest totally I promising to you.”

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