An Introduction to Decharging

Maintaining Your Vibrations

Self healing is a very important subject. To thrive in life we to be happy, full of shakti and emotionally balanced, with strong protection circles to be able to do work successfully.

To maintain your energy and clarity, it is important to decharge unwanted energy often, have a healthy environment (good friends), and keep the high inspiration. Always remember gratitude for the gifts you have been endowed with, it automatically protects you from some part of negativity (and your own ego!) Take everything as equal and take it sporty - acclaim or criticism equal. You have to have an adjustable nature. Never lose your inspiration and never give up. Keep your heart open.

Decharging is Absolutely a Must for Self Healing

If you make other people happy this happiness comes back to your soul. When you open someone's heart and take care of them, their peace and contentment goes back to your soul. You will take your good deeds with you for this lifetime and into your next life too.

When you take care of someone's sufferring, when you open someone's heart, you are giving a soul healing transmissions of cosmic energy and some of their vibrations of negative energy will affect on you. Even if people don’’t believe it, or can't understand how, it IS happening.

Once if you started pulling high cosmic energy in your soul, you should also maintain the decharging practices regularly.

Suppose you’’re taking care of a dozen people. Most are suffering with negative energy in some for or another, whether it be from a disease, life choices that generated negative energy, accidents or something else. You’’re helping them. As they feel happy and are uplifted by your presence, some of their negativity comes to you. It is not just our self-illusion or our own thinking. It is really affecting you. Some part of that negativity comes to you. The inner mechanism - the feelings, the energy - definitely affects a lot.

Try to be very careful and decharge. So many natural soul healers are facing a lot of problems because they’re not decharging. They're just giving and giving the energy. After awhile the flow of their energy sometimes comes down because they’re not decharging the people’s negative vibrations enough. Or their personal lives and the personal lives of those close to them are increasingly filled with suffering and obstacles. You need to decharge the negative energies frequently and on a regular basis.

It's always true we need to decharge the negative energy. Spend five to ten minutes decharging a day. Decharge with the natural five elements. Then you’ll get a little refreshed. If you’re not decharging, one day it is really affecting you. Even if you’re in a hurry, spend a little time decharging each day. You have to wash the negativity out. That’s the most important thing.

After you decharge, you’ll be able to pull more cosmic energy.

Five Elements & Decharging

The Five Elements are the pillars upon which all rest, including the human body. Purifying the elements through decharging increases the soul capacity, literally magnetizing the soul to attract high positive energy; they purify ‘negativity surrounding the soul’, and open energy channels to the elements. When these energy pathways are open, the exchange of vibrations occurs automatically between the soul and the natural elements. You can use this for decharging negativity; All the while the magnetism of your soul continues to increase. This means you can easily draw out certain types of negativity from people and then just as easily decharge the negativity into, the earth, water, or fire.

Even though a lot of abilities are in you, the lot of abilities are around you, still you need to face the negativity and learn to switch it into positivity. This is can be done through decharging through the five elements.

If you are receiving negative energy from another person you need to know how to switch it in a good way, turn it into positive energy and send it back. Once if you received that negative energy, you need to know how to decharge it, how to handle that, otherwise your get pretty bumpy. You’ll get a little shaky.

Once if you know how to recharge intro the five elements of nature and understand how to keep the five elements of your body balanced. You can create your own protection circles.

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