Let Your True Self Shine!

Women are goddesses, directly connected to the Source of all Creation, the energy of the Divine Mother. But many don’t realize the incredible light and beauty within, which is often covered by old pain and negative (self) beliefs.

As women we need to heal and empower ourselves, so we can rise up to who we are meant to be: powerful healers and creators of a better world. Changing our limiting beliefs and honoring our unique gifts we bring to the world is an important part of that process.

Sri Kaleshwar was a “Divine Feminist”, deeply respecting women as the future leaders in spirituality. He taught powerful Ancient knowledge and spiritual practices supporting women and healthy relationships.

In this coaching you will learn how to:
  • Have unconditional love for yourself
  • Live a soul-centered life
  • Practice compassion and forgiveness for yourself
  • Break negative mind-patterns
  • Listen to your inner truth
  • Decharge negative energy
  • Balance yourself as a woman
  • Create a healthy soul mate relationship with your partner

"Florentine, thank you so much... you make my heart so happy! I so appreciate all of your insights, it has all been so meaningful to my life. I am so thankful the Divine has brought us together and that you are here and guiding me to do this work. This has been my prayer/mantra, always but especially recently, Mother, please help me to be who you want me to be so I can serve the world how I am meant to. Thank you thank you for doing what you do and for your love and support. Love you! Jai Ma!" ~ Elyse M.

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Coaching sessions with Florentine: $108 per hour

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Your Coach Florentine Peralta, MA

Florentine’s aim is supporting and empowering women to bring up their inner light—the Divine Feminine within.

She studied the Ancient Knowledge directly from Sri Kaleshwar in his ashram in India, and has experienced first hand the power and miraculous healing results of his meditation practices—in her own life, and in her work with women and mothers.

She started her path as a counselor and healer for women 20 years ago in Vienna/Austria, with extensive training and experience in Eastern Spirituality as well as Western Psychology.

She lives with her husband and two children in California.

Languages: English and German

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase a single session or choose one of many subscription options. You and your coach will find a plan together that suits your coaching needs.